Waipiata Consulting offers a range of consulting and training services that make a real difference in leadership, health services planning and development, workforce development, service reviews, professional governance and technology project innovation, development and implementation. See our Previous Work for more detail.

Our team has many years of experience covering health care systems across the globe.

Leadership Coaching and Mentoring

Janice has extensive executive team and professional leadership and management skills and offers health, other government and NGO organisations a range of services, with a focus on the allied health & health science professions, and senior executives.

Ian has extensive experience at CIO level and has directed many large scale landmark technology projects around the globe. He is available to coach/mentor a range of technology professionals.

Health Services Planning, Development & Innovation

Janice provides support and coaching to individual leaders and teams to develop organisational strategy, board and corporate policy, discipline-specific policy and strategy development across hospital, community and primary care settings.

Ian's expertise is in the area of innovative and large-scale service and organisational development, enabled through process change and supported by technology.

Project Direction & Management

Janice has lead a range of projects focused on business development, strategic planning, workforce change and implementation of technology in the clinical environment

Ian has lead many successful, largescale (>$10M) IT projects around the globe. He is skilled at rescuing large-scale technology projects that are out of control, or heading rapidly in that direction. He can confidently deliver these projects on time and within budget.

In addition, Janice offers the following services...

Workforce Development

Development of strategy, provision of advice and recommendations regarding organisational workforce development and planning, particularly for allied health & health science professions to meet future service delivery requirements.

Service Reviews

Undertaking reviews of single discipline, multidisciplinary and inter-professional allied health services. This can also include leadership coaching, support for change management and implementation of agreed strategies.

Professional Governance/Organisational Structure

Janice has successfully implemented a range of professional governance and organisational structures for allied health & health science professions; with extensive experience leading and facilitating a diverse range of professions to collaborate and work together to meet common goals. This is achieved by recognising and respecting the value that individual professions bring to the table, while supporting and enabling collaboration, integration and alignment to minimise waste, facilitates teamwork and maximise outcomes for organisations.

Healthcare Regulation and Governance

Janice has expertise as a healthcare regulator and Board Director. She has been involved as a member of a regulatory authority since 2010, and as Chair since 2013. Janice is also a member of the InterRAI New Zealand governance board.